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  • Owen Lauerman

Want your content to perform? Use this structure!

  1. Awareness Stage: First, we start at the top of the funnel, where our goal is to get the word out about our brand. Here, we use a variety of broad-reaching videos to catch people's attention. These could be fun and engaging brand stories, educational content about issues our products solve, or just entertaining clips that subtly introduce our brand values. It's all about creating a buzz and getting people interested in who we are. This is like reels & stories on Instagram, shorts on Youtube, and TikToc.

  2. Consideration Stage: Once we've piqued someone's interest, we move to the next level. Here, our videos get more specific. They're designed to engage those who showed a bit of interest in our initial videos. We delve deeper into what our products and services can do. This could mean product demonstrations, customer testimonials, or detailed guides. The aim here is to educate and show the real value of what we offer. Think, main post with a detailed description on facebook or Instagram, a full youtube video or a video on a landing page/website.

  3. Conversion Stage: Now, this is where we get down to business. At this stage, our videos are crafted to persuade. We know that viewers who've reached this point are seriously considering a purchase, so we make our content more direct. You'll see things like in-depth product demos, announcements of special deals, or stories of how our product has positively impacted other customers. The call to action is strong here – we want to convert interest into sales. Videos like these can live on a main page or be embedded in a follow up email that get sent out to someone that signs up for a newsletter or some sort of trigger for correspondence.

  4. Loyalty and Advocacy Stage: But it doesn't stop after a purchase. We value our customers and want to keep them around. So, we create videos that help them get the most out of what they've bought. This could be how-to guides, customer appreciation messages, or even incentives for sharing their positive experiences with others. It's all about building a community around our brand and turning customers into advocates. (Follow up email campaigns with video perform better then just text.)

So, that's a funnel in a nutshell. It's a journey we carefully craft through video content, ensuring that at every stage, our audience is engaged, informed, and excited about your brand.

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