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  • Owen Lauerman

Step Up Your Interview Game: Building a Premium Look

Updated: Apr 15

Visual appeal can make or break your marketing, especially when you're showcasing upscale products like custom homes or luxurious kitchen remodels. Your content should echo the elegance of your offerings. Sure, funny videos are perfect for grabbing attention initially on IG — they serve as a catchy hook at the top of the sales funnel. Yet, as potential clients get closer to making a purchase, often indicated by a visit to your website, the caliber of your content needs to level up. Your videos, photos, and website layout should all ooze luxury and look far from being mere afterthoughts.

Here's how we make it happen: We employ a two-camera (sometimes more) setup to capture the polish of a TV broadcast, all without the hefty price tag. We shoot on Sony FX3s or Black Magic 6k's with the option to use REDs if requested. Lighting is where we're going to make the expensive look, with proper key and back lighting as well as properly lighting the set. If we are shooting outside then prober diffusion, bounce and negative fill is going to give us our polished look. Lastly, but not leastly, with crisp sound we will make sure the heart of your message not only stands out but resonates deeply, lending credibility and impact. This approach shines in client testimonials and staff introductions. By skillfully blending angles, lighting, and thought-provoking questions, we craft timeless content that not only looks fabulous but also draws viewers further into the essence of your brand.

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